Your coffee table getting fade! Hurry up it’s the time to sand and re –varnish your coffee table

Your coffee table getting fade! Hurry up it’s the time to sand and re –varnish your coffee table

Solid and rigid wood tables with more ornamental works covered into it can be seen in most of the houses as coffee tables. It is really a purposeful table which helps to place drinks, snacks and other eatables on it and to have a nice coffee time. When it is bought new, the table will be looking really more attractive but when days and months randomly moves on the appearance of the table will entirely lose its attractiveness. At this time there will be a highly increased need which is to sand and re-varnish your coffee table. So, let’s see the simple methods to sand your coffee table and accordingly let’s discuss the importance of the varnishing process.

Sand your table at first

Before starting the varnish process, it is must to sand the table because there might be minute solid parts and dust accumulated on it. So, take an orbital sander which can be electronic and then start the sanding process with it. There are many orbit sanders and makita orbit sander is now popular in trend. Prefer anyone of such popular tool and then using 120 grit sand papers will be fine on laminated sections to get good finish. Rotary tool or a sanding drum can be used as the additional accessory to get best results. This will be enough to complete the sanding process eventually and lets’ see the next vital process which is varnishing.

Varnish you table

The next process followed by sanding will be the varnish process and if you hesitate to varnish your table, then it is fine to stop buying wooden tables. It is because varnishing is a very important factor which must be performed at least once in a 6 months and it not done, the entire appearance of the wood will vanish subsequently. A high quality varnish must be bought from the market as it will shrink the fading drawback found in many wood types.

Hence both sanding and varnishing are important tasks which must be performed once in 6 months or even a year based on the need. But more than a year will surely spoil the look and the tendency of your coffee table. So, hurry up to sand and re-varnish your coffee table immediately.