The New Age Bike Racks for You Now

The New Age Bike Racks for You Now

Nowadays interior designers understand that a bike is more than a means of transport and in their works they try to integrate the bike with furniture. So, there are dressers, cabinets or shelves on the market that allow you to integrate a bicycle into them. An example is a dual-purpose piece of furniture from designer Chris Brigham – Bike Shelf. On the one hand, this shelf works well as a place for books, and on the other, you can easily hang a bike on it.

You can always make this piece of furniture on a special order, according to your preferences and style of living. This solution will work especially for people who like the idea of displaying the bike.

Put on a stand

Placing the bike on a stand is practical because it immobilizes it, making it more difficult to tip it over. It is best to opt for a stand that will exclude the risk of leaning the two-wheeler against the wall, and thus get it dirty.

The alternative can be a small bicycle holder with U-shaped screws. The bicycle can also be placed vertically by skillfully placing the front wheel in the holder. With the use of the rack you can make sure it works and for that you can take a look at

Bicycle rack

And finally, one of the most commonly used options: hanging the bicycle in a room on the wall. The advantage of this solution is space saving, especially if we have a small apartment in a block to develop. There is currently a large selection of racks on the market, it is worth betting on the more modern ones that can be successfully used as an element that improves the visual aspect of the room. There are a lot of ways to hang a bike on the wall – behind the saddle, behind the wheel, the wheel, vertically, horizontally. A similar issue applies to racks, where you can change. Noteworthy are the hooks that can be attached to the ceiling and hand-made racks that stand out with their originality and designer character.