Car Accidents and Your Claims: How to Get

Car Accidents and Your Claims: How to Get

When a car accident occurs and there are injured (or deceased) one of the most complicated processes is to obtain fair compensation for those affected. In general, all insurance policies include “free” legal assistance coverage, which should support you for this purpose.

What is the Reality of the Insurance Lawyer?

The Oakwood accident lawyer takes care of the cases of injuries for automobile accidents by the insurance have ample experience in the matter. They agree with the company the collection of lower professional fees, in exchange for a good volume of customers. The payment of these fees is paid by the company. This gives way to the first reality: the client of these professionals is the company, not you. In that sense, when you choose to use their services, you should be clear about the following aspects:

  • The lawyer who will handle your case is chosen by the company, not you
  • They will not take claims that go against the interests of the company
  • They will not take actions that are not economically profitable for them
  • They charge very little, which does not encourage them to take a thorough process of their case
  • The treatment of your case will not be personalized
  • The lawyer will collect your fees, whether you receive your compensation or not
  • They don’t have full freedom of action

In summary, even though they are professionals with up-to-date knowledge in the area of car accidents, and have sufficient experience, they are not the best option to defend their interests. After all, you are one more file, in the years of commercial relationship that this professional has with the insurer.

Free vs. Payment

Many times the insured prefer the insurance lawyer because they don’t have to pay anything. They consider it illogical to “lose” part of their compensation for the fees of private car accident attorneys. However, what is preferable: A mediocre compensation (or none) or the best possible compensation minus a small percentage?

How to Select the Oakwood accident lawyer?

In view of the convenience of having the services of a private attorney, consider some essential criteria when choosing. First, make sure that the firm specializes exclusively in injuries and accidents, to ensure the expertise and knowledge.