An Overview of Fusionex International

Technology has been ruling the era like never before. Fusionex International is another leading giant in the tech world. The company has specialized in the SaaS-based platform. The products vary in different ranges. The company development arena comprises of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and related for their client business. The company is the brainchild of Ivan Teh.

It has many top competitors. Some of them are Bigstep, Whishworks, BlueData, Aspire, CSM, and Ihawcc. Fusionex International ranks third in revenues among its top competitors.

Description of Company

This is an Enterprise Software and Network Solutions tech company. The website is The company size is under 500. The company has maintained to have clients all over the world. It has clients from the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Brief About the Company

The company focuses on data products for its clients. It has been featured on Edison, Huffington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, IDC, and Forrester. They are data-driven companies. The innovative products are even received and applauded by Silicon Valley. Data technology is an identifying landmark. The corporate giant is modernizing its customer fleet approach.

Customer Services

The tech-savvy company has enrolled in customer engagement. The strategies enhance the customer support system. They have focused on the Big Data Analytics platform and provide a precious data feed. They have developed a client’s marketing and indulge in innovative ideas. The company has more seamless powerful capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The optimized business culture is driving clients in its data application. The software provider has core functionality and smooth running management. The company’s revenue is estimated up to $171 million. The industry has been giving tough competition to other tech companies in the international market. The software development has proved its ability globally. The credentials can be guessed through its achievements piling in various national and international awards. The company is operating from different offices internationally, set in different locations. The services provided are phenomenal. The client’s testimonials have surpassed all ratings. Like the king, it is ruling software technology immensely.

An Overview of Fusionex International

Accolades of the Company

The company has bagged many memorial awards. It has been leading globally. It has also been working amazingly locally and establishing their legacy internationally. The awards lauded are Business Intelligence and Analytics Award, Big Data World Asia award, Asia Pacific ICT Award, and Best Emerging Technology Award in Asia. The Most Outstanding ICT Company in Asia-Oceania is also entitled to Fusionex International in 2015. They were honored APICTA, Awards Best Application Tools/ Platform, and MSC Malaysia in 2013. These awards speak up volumes of the high-performing potential of the company. Numerous awards are at different levels to define their success story.

Employees Testimonials

A company progresses with its outstanding team. The team is highly dedicated to software development. The positive outlook is highly appreciable when you work with this company. There is enormous learning from the projects. They also have internships programs that later culminate into offer letters. However, there is a rigorous round of interviews before selection and final acceptance.