In certain situations, attention grabbing lines or motto’s can be a great tool for getting a message across. This isn’t one of those situations.

The Office Of Highway Safety in South Dakota originally launched the marketing campaign as a tool for spreading driver safety tips for driving in rough winter conditions. While it may have seemed like a pretty good idea at first, it has backfired rather quickly and I’m sure you can see why.

Let’s start out light. This ad does a pretty good job at describing the issue at hand…. Maintaining your lane.

don't jerk and drive campaign

Here’s where it starts to get strange…

don't jerk and drive campaign

I’d have to argue with this one, most teens¬†think it’s quite funny.

don't jerk and drive campaign

Hmmm, I wonder what images are being sent while we speak…

don't jerk and drive campaign Due to the negative feedback the campaign has prompted, the Department has chosen to discontinue the Ads.

Oh Well, It doesn’t take away from the humor that some guy out there probably got a big old pat on the back when first pitched this idea to his boss.

Here’s the video that went along with the ads if you need some more clarification…