#1. Innovations In 4K TV Technology

If you haven’t heard, 4K technology is the big thing in TV Innovations at the moment. And by big I mean talked about a lot, and overpriced accordingly. With wild product offerings such as the 105 inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV (Pictured Above), which will set you back a whopping $120,000. We can only hope that brands such as Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic and Vizio will release more consumer friendly units that we can actually afford.

Companies That May Make Big Announcement in the TV Arena:

  • LG – New Flexible OLED Display

  • Samsung

At the very least, with the growing number of players in the 4K space we should see the beginning of a decline in price over the next couple of years.

#2. Android TV

ces 2015 4k tv

Android TV was announced by Google during 2014 so it’s not exactly brand new. What will be new however is the use of this technology featured on products showcased at CES 2015. With developer kits already available, We should see some great improvements in apps made available on the platform. Here’s the breakdown on people’s reactions to the software thus far, via AndroidPit.com.

ces 2015 hd tv

By the look of things, there are still plenty of issues to work through at this point but eventually this awesome technology will make its way into living rooms on a global scale.