#1. RC Helicopter -

It was only recently that I stumbled upon a similar device at a friends house. Until then, I would have looked at this little device much like you may be now… with a bit of uncertainty. Upon giving the toy helicopter a shot, I found my self consumed with the damn thing.

Although it may not be the $200 versions available all over the place, these affordable toys are sure to bring anyone a little joy in times of boredom.



#2. ASCEND – The Garage Door Solution

Remember the days when messing with garage doors was fun? Clicking up and down, jumping out of the garage before the door shut or even pulling the dreaded red cord (That likely caused your open Garage to come slamming down abruptly)? Then this might just be the invention for you!

While its primary use is not intended as a toy per say, Adults should be just as giddy about the idea of no longer having to mess with “Garage Openers” or that haunting feeling that you may have left the garage door open on your way out of town for the week… While the product is not set to launch until early 2015, early takers can pre-order Ascend for $100 at




#3. The “Smart” Pig Bank: PORKFOLIO

One of my favorite finds recently, the Porkfolio is a great reminder of how good we were at saving our money before we knew how to spend it. Growing up, almost everyone had some sort of coin stash. So what makes this one any different??

The “Smart” feature of Porkfolio is it’s abbility to track savings in the bank by using an app on your phone. Not only that, but you can also expect the pigs nose to light up red each time it receives a new coin :).