Over the past year or so we have had our fair share of hover board products or gimmick videos try to capture our attention. Unfortunately, most turned out to simply be pranks, while the others are just not quite what we were expecting.

Some of the most recent examples include¬†Tony Hawks Back To the Future prank that really set everyone off on a hover board craze, and the latest invention named the Hendo. The main problem with the Hendo even though it actually does work (In specific environments), is that it will set you back $10,000. On top of the hefty price tag, the Hendo runs exclusively on Copper so you’ll need to build a pretty sick copper half pipe to get some good skating in.

Cue the Homemade Hover Board! Yes that’s right, a man from Texas has constructed the ultimate DIY Hover board built entirely in his garage. Check out the awesome footage below then head on over to his step by step walk through and get your own up and running with a simple trip to the hardware store!