Been into any corporate offices lately? The environment in which we work tends to have a strong effect on our overall mood/motivation while at the office. So why is it there are so many companies with overwhelmingly boring work spaces that offer little to no creativity in terms of design.

We may never have a definitive answer to that, however there is one way to change things up and in a uniquely small way! The solution comes in the form of desk toppers. Fun, quirky or simple motivational statements placed on an employee’s work-space can do wonders, also making other employees quite jealous in the mean time :). Take a look at some of these wild creations below that are sure to brighten up your 9 to 5 lifestyle.


The USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer – $14.99

desk top cooler

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The Shocking Pen – $5.99

desk top shocking pen

Too many coworkers asking you to borrow your pens? This is sure to bring an end to that! With this seemingly harmless little gadget, your unsuspecting coworkers will receive quite the “shock” when they discover the writing device isn’t quite what it appears.

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Game of Thrones Vinyl Pop Figures – $9.99

amazing desk top figurines
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Pulp Fiction Minimates – $9.99

cool desk figurines

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.50 Caliber Pen Holder – $19.99

cool office desk decorations

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Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp – $34.99

office desk decorations

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