The world we live in today is such a diverse place, it’s almost a shame not to know a second language. Not really, but come on, it would be cool.

Say you are travelling to Germany for the first time, when you arrive one of the first things on your mind will be “What’s there to do around here?”. You could go the “Foreigner route” and use English, but it would be a lot nicer to communicate in ones native tongue even if for nothing more than personal satisfaction.

So where to start? That’s the golden question! When I decided I wanted to take up a second language, German to be specific, I was somewhat lost as to what the best approach was and I wasn’t ready to spend big money to find out. To help others, I have compiled a list of the best resources I have come upon for learning a second language. Some are FREE and some are Paid so make sure to take advantage of the free options if you aren’t ready to invest quite yet.

FREE Language Learning Options:

learn a new language for free

One of the best FREE language learning options I found is called DuoLingo. The thing that really caught my eye with their program is their unique approach to teaching. Instead of the usual boring procedures we have all come to dread after years of schooling, they utilize fun game like strategies to help motivate students.

Backed By Results:

learn a new language free

Aside from my personal experiences with DuoLingo, there has been a case study published at their site by Roumen Vesselinov, PhD & John Grego, PhD.

Check it out Here:

Languages Available @ DuoLingo:

learn a new language for free

Great For Beginners And Advanced Learners:

learn a new language free

Another feature of DuoLingo is the ability to choose your start. With this great option, those with experience can skip ahead using a placement test to assess their current level of knowledge.


PAID Language Learning Options:

For a more hands on experience and work with and actual expert, the “Learn A Language Course” is a great APP for just that. Instead of utilizing a software based learning experience as with DuoLingo, this course provides over 370 Hours of video instructions,Tests and tools to help students learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

learn a new language learn a new language

Features of “Learn A Language Course”:


  • 370 hours of level 1-3 courses
  • 90+ interactive audio lessons: fully downloadable audio lessons that you can take anywhere
  • 90+ language & culture lessons: discover the mechanics & culture of your chosen language
  • Reinforcement testing: self-tests specially designed to help you enhance your recall and language abilities
  • Voice comparison: perfect your pronunciation by recording yourself
  • Efficient learning: gain the tools you need to speed up your learning and cut down your study time
  • Motivational tools: key tools to keep you motivated: personalized progress tracking to points and badges
  • 24/7 learning support: language support or technical assistance. The Forum is where you can connect with tutors, native speakers, and all those learners just like you.

Pricing for “Learn A Language Course”:

At the time of this writing, there is currently a special going on for $79, outside of that the full cost stands at $450. That may sound pretty astronomical but in comparison to other well known courses such as Rosetta Stone which will run you about $200 per language, It isn’t too bad. And hey, most of the time you are paying for the high value or quality of an item so in other words “You get what you pay for, or lack thereof”.

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