This definitely isn’t your average barn find story. This particular tale begins with a strange twist.

It all started out in 1989, VH1 at the time was hosting a competition for one lucky winner to walk away with 36 years of Corvette goodness. That winner, was Dennis Amodeo, a carpenter from Long Island.

Let’s backtrack real quick and take a look at how the cars came together. When VH1 decided to host the competition, they set out to purchase the cars spending and estimated $610,000 collectively between the 36 vehicles. But don’t feel too bad, they made that investment back quickly by setting up a 900 number and charging callers $2.00 per call for a single entry into the contest.

With one seemingly lucky phone call, Dennis Amodeo would became the proud new owner of the vettes. Shortly after winning, Amodeo was contacted by an artist named Peter Max who had seen the vehicles at an exhibition in 1990. Max expressed interest in purchasing the vehicles and in a deal minted out in New York City, they agreed upon $250,000 in cash plus $250,000 in Max’s art work and the promise of splitting proceeds up to $1 million in the case he sold the vehicles.

The strange part, Peter Max was not a car guy to say the least. He had planned to purchase the vehicles as a promotional tool for his art and wanted to paint and stage the cars in various places around the city. Yet this plan would never bear fruit, and the Corvettes would remain highly untouched for the next 25 years.

36 Corvettes Sit Covered In Dust Where They Have Remained for Over 25 Years

abandoned corvette collection

The Vehicles Span From The Creation Of The Corvette to 1989

abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection

Many Vehicles Remained In Near Show Room Quality And Needed Detailing

abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection abandoned corvette collection

Unfortunately, none feature the prized big-block V-8

abandoned corvette collection

14 Of The Corvette’s Are Convertible

abandoned corvette collection

The Majority Of Corvette’s In Max’s Collection Feature the Less Attractive Automatic Transmissions

abandoned corvette collection


abandoned corvette collection

Luckily for these Corvette’s, they found a new owner when Max decided it was time to move them to a new storage facility. The best part is the newest owner is fully committed to restoring each vehicle to its past glory….Check out the polished vehicles in the video below.


h/t: Yahoo