For most people, organization is something to strive for and work at to live more efficiently in day to day life. For the producers of these images, It’s likely a way of life. I mean come on, just by looking at those Ice cream scoops you would think the employee at Baskin Robbins sculpted them by hand.

#1. The Perfect Scoop

#2. The OCD Pancake Special


#3. Moisturizer Perfection

#4.  Possibly The Most Symmetrical Pepper Ever

#5. A Bar Of Symmetry

#6. Toothpaste Done Right

#7. The Perfect Snowball

#8. The Perfect Purchase

#9. A Tree Unmatched

#10. The Perfect Peel/ The Once Over

#11. APP Organization To The Max

#12. Probably The Home To The Perfect Pepper Pictured Above @ #4

#13. Talk About Fine Lines

#14. The Circle of Chaos

#15. The Perfect Cheesecake РBlueberry style

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    mm…that pie looks just delicious

  • John Q

    although it looks delicious, it is better than a pie, it is a cheesecake. Mmm…blueberry cheesecake.

  • disqus_VOiLj2T6nc

    Toothpaste :D This is condensed cocoa milk :D

  • Chad Silverstein

    The use of the contraction “It’s” in the title ruins the perfection of the article.

    • Cy

      And a rare case where Grammar Policing scores a point. :-)

  • ballychohan

    The one with toothpaste is good .. watch more at http://www.ballychohanuk.co.uk

  • Taku Fuji

    Sorry everyone but my toothpaste looks like that at least i try to DX hahha

  • http://www.baffledbaboon.com/ BaffledBaboon

    The snowball automatically wins any snowball fight.

  • Emily Carver

    The perfect scoop of ice cream… Just don’t ask for a double scoop because they don’t have the perfect cup in which to serve it.

  • Marc Symons

    Number 12 – I’m the one who grabs a pepper from the middle.

  • Ruprecht

    Since when is gas 3.4286 cents/gal?